It’s not surprising that women would choose to undergo breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery may not be as sought after as breast augmentation but for some women, it is a necessary procedure.

If you’re considering breast reduction, it’s likely because you’re experiencing pain and discomfort caused by breasts that are large and unusually heavy. In this article, you’ll find out why breast reduction may be right for you, and the benefits you can expect from undergoing the procedure. 

Why you might need a breast reduction surgery

Imagine having lighter, more proportionate breasts that make you feel comfortable in your clothes. Imagine being able to participate in physical activities without feeling the strain on your neck, back, and shoulders. If these feel like something that is out of reach for you, then it may be time to consider breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction surgery is for you if your breasts are disproportionately larger than the size of your body and you are uncomfortable with this. Whether it’s because of the pain, or the unwanted attention, breasts that are large and heavy can significantly impact the quality of your life. Your activities are limited, certain types of clothing just won’t fit, and you get indentations on your back and shoulders because of tight-fitting bras. 

Both women and men can benefit from breast reduction surgery. Men with large breasts – a condition called gynecomastia – may choose this procedure as well. 

What to expect after breast reduction surgery

When you undergo breast reduction surgery, your range of movement will improve, and your body will have better proportions. You’ll fit better in your clothes and you’ll have more options to choose from. You’ll also have better posture, zero pain in your back, neck, and shoulders and you can enjoy more physical activities. 

As we age and gain weight, our shoulders naturally roll forward. This change compresses the nerve fibers between your collarbone, shoulder blades and ribs. The pain from these compressed nerves can be nagging and in some cases even excruciating. With breast reduction surgery, this will no longer be an issue. 

Should you get breast reduction surgery?

Consult with a doctor before deciding on breast reduction. Be open with your doctor on the reasons why you feel a reduction surgery may benefit you. Your doctor will take all the information necessary to understand your goals, and when necessary, the doctor will advise you to stop taking certain medications before the surgery. 

Drs. Torabi will schedule a private consultation with you to review your medical history and see if you would benefit from this procedure. He will discuss your options for breast reduction surgery, discuss the benefits and risks and answer the questions you might have. 

Contact Elite Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation and learn more about breast reduction surgery.

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