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Mohs surgery is a common and highly effective surgical treatment method used to address the presence of cancerous or precancerous facial lesions. While this procedure is an effective method by which potentially dangerous lesions can be resolved, it also leaves behind a notable effect on the patient’s appearance. If you’ve had a Mohs surgery on your eyelid or on a nearby part of your face, facial reconstruction will mark the next—and often final—step of your journey.

At Elite Plastic Surgery in Chandler and Phoenix, we don’t just transform our patients’ appearances…we transform their experiences, as well. By putting a priority on your emotional journey, we’ve earned a reputation for being a practice that truly sets itself apart. We’ll work with you to help you enjoy lasting peace of mind as you look forward to the restorative outcome of your facial reconstruction procedure.

We remain committed to the latest in surgical techniques and the most cutting-edge technology available so you can look forward to an outcome that will change your life by empowering you in mind, body, and spirit. When you’re ready to enlist Elite Plastic Surgery as a partner on your cosmetic journey, simply reach out to us at our Chandler or Phoenix locations. A team member will be standing by to help you set up your initial consultation.

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How Does Mohs Surgery Work?

If you have found yourself dealing with a cancerous or precancerous facial lesion, it’s likely that your surgeon will be considering Mohs surgery as a solution. This treatment method involves a trained surgeon carefully scraping one layer of skin away from the treatment area at a time. As each layer of skin is carefully removed, it will be tested for cancerous cells. This process will be repeated until your surgeon reaches a layer where no more cancerous cells are found.

While this is a highly effective and reliable method for treating cancerous facial lesions, it also leaves behind a noticeable divot or missing section of the treatment area. When performed on the face, Mohs surgery can leave behind a relatively deep depression. If performed on the eyelid, Mohs surgery may result in a small section of missing eyelid, which can have both cosmetic and functional implications. In either case, the facial reconstruction experts at Elite Plastic Surgery can help you complete your medical journey by restoring your face and/or eyelids.

Face and Eyelid Reconstruction at Elite Plastic Surgery

Eyelid reconstruction and facial reconstruction require an impressively in-depth understanding of facial anatomy, eyelid musculature, and the delicate structures that form your face and eyelid areas. The good news is that the surgical team at Elite Plastic Surgery is known for its extensive training and commitment to surgical excellence. Our team will work with you to develop a treatment plan that sees your Mohs surgery treatment site expertly reconstructed.

This procedure is never performed in the same way twice, and the details of your surgical plan will vary according to the specifics of your Mohs procedure. Facial reconstruction typically involves grafting or tissue transplantation. Your surgeon will explain the procedure to you in detail and give you the chance to ask any questions that you might have about how facial reconstruction works during your pre-operative consultation.

Eyelid surgery is a somewhat more delicate process and requires an intimate knowledge of the musculature and tissue structures that make up your eyelids. Dr. Torabi will work to carefully restore the tissues and muscles in your eyelid so they function properly and enable you to keep your eyes healthy and moisturized while also ensuring that your results are naturalistic and blend well with your facial features.

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If you have recently addressed the presence of cancerous or precancerous facial and/or eyelid lesions with Mohs surgery, your next step will involve reconstructive restoration. Once the presence of cancerous cells has been addressed, restoration surgery will form your final step to living your life to the fullest once more. To learn more about how the surgical team at Elite Plastic Surgery can help you with facial reconstruction, reach out to our Chandler or Phoenix offices and set up your consultation with a helpful member of our team today.

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