Mohs Reconstructive Surgery

Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ


When making the decision to have a reconstructive surgery after Mohs surgery for skin cancer treatment, it is imperative to find a talented plastic surgeon to restore what was taken from your facial features during the skin excision. After leaving an unattractive, and sometimes very deep, scar or facial deformity, you may benefit greatly from Mohs reconstructive surgery to correct those defects. Restore the integrity of your facial skin, conceal large areas of tissue loss, and remove the scar tissue that is a daily reminder of your time with skin cancer. At Elite Plastic Surgery, our plastic and reconstructive surgeons, Dr. Torabi can consult with you about the scars and skin depressions caused from the excision of your skin cancer cells or growth. Your skin will not regenerate the missing tissues, and you will need to have a skilled plastic surgeon to perform a Mohs reconstruction to erase the disfigurement.


We will consult with patients of all ages for Mohs reconstruction surgery. An ideal candidate for Mohs reconstruction will have:
  • Good physical (free from cancer) and mental health
  • Visible deformities or scars resulting from Mohs surgery
  • Radiation induced lesions
  • Deformities caused by large moles or
  • Atypical skin malignancies on the face
  • No infection


Restorative plastic surgery after Mohs surgery can require extensive reconstruction of the nerves, tear ducts, facial features, nose structures, and much more. Your general surgeon may refer you to a trusted plastic surgeon for post-Mohs reconstruction. As there is no one-size-fits-all procedure, there are certain surgical techniques used, such as skin grafts, bone grafting, cartilage grafting, tissue expanders, and flap techniques. Sometimes, the patient will be required to have surgeries in stages depending on the level of complexity and number of procedures needed to restore the area(s). We can estimate between 30 minutes ­to 3 hours in the operating room per surgery with local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or IV sedation. The skin cancer excision (or Mohs Surgery) by a general surgeon is not commonly performed at the same time as the reconstruction, which is completed in the care of an experienced plastic surgeon.


Many patients are discharged on the same day as the procedure, and can go home to recover. We advise our Mohs reconstruction patients to:
  • Follow all of the instruction given to you by the plastic surgeon, including making all post-op appointments, especially to remove sutures
  • Keep the area of your face clean (using a hydrogen peroxide solution), and dry
  • The incisions need to be covered for a few days
  • Continue to use topical ointment and ice packs to avoid infection and swelling
  • Sleep upright so that head rests above the heart
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 2 – 3 weeks or after being released by your plastic surgeon
It is also very important for healing to avoid sun exposure, and wear sunscreen, protective clothing, and a hat to shade the sun from your face.


You will start to see the investment in Mohs reconstructive surgery within 2 – 3 weeks as the incision wounds heal, and start to look better each day. By the 6 month mark, you should see the full results of your plastic surgery, and keep in mind that scar marks can last a year or longer.


For any skin cancer patient considering Mohs reconstructive surgery as a restorative option, it is extremely important to find the right plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Torabi. The success rate of this surgery is highly connected to the skill and care of the doctor performing it. During a consultation, you should ask pertinent questions such as the doctor’s experience, training and personal success rate as well as the risks and complications involved and post-op treatment. Together, you can map out the best course of treatment to successfully reconstruct the face after a skin cancer excision. Call our highly trained professionals today to schedule a consultation.