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When you have exhausted all of the nonsurgical techniques to create subtle, natural improvements in your facial skin, or are tired of having to constantly maintain an injection and skin treatment regimen for mediocre results (which happens at a certain point in time for most patients), it may be time to have a consultation with a trusted plastic surgeon about a facelift. With modernized surgical techniques, and years of experience, our plastic surgeons, Dr. Torabi at Elite Plastic Surgery have the artistic talent to create youthful-looking yet natural results for both men and women seeking facelift surgery. Once regarded as a major surgical operation and looked upon with some trepidation, the facelift has advanced in the last 30 years to create a facial profile without a hint of having plastic surgery, unlike the earlier “stretched skin” look with a facelift procedure. By tightening the underlying muscles of the face and neck and removing excess skin and fat, a facelift creates a firm jaw and neck lines, and smoothens deep wrinkles, achieving a younger, more rejuvenated face. During your initial consultation at our Phoenix, AZ office, your skin will be thoroughly assessed and a treatment plan customized to meet your aesthetic goals. Every patient is different, so results and surgical techniques may vary from patient to patient. Turn back the hands of time, and call our office today.


While facelifts are generally reserved for older adults, the common age range for patients is between 50 – 70. Younger patients may opt for a brow lift or a neck lift, or possibly a mid-facelift before considering a full facelift procedure. In addition, there are numerous nonsurgical procedures that can help delay surgery, such as BOTOX®, dermal fillers, laser treatments, or nonsurgical skin tightening. If your skin laxity is in poor condition, you are older in age, and you have droopy features that a nonsurgical approach cannot treat, it is safe to say that a facelift may be a suitable procedure for you. On average, a facelift will allow you to look 5 – 10 years younger.


A full facelift is performed under a general anesthestic due to the invasive nature and the extent of the surgical procedure. Taking 2 – 3 hours, your plastic surgeon will create an incision beginning in the hairline, curve down in front of the ears, and underneath the earlobe. The incision may stretch down under the chin or behind the ear into the hairline depending upon the extent and the nature of the specific patient requirement. The skin is then separated from the underlying facial muscles and tissue. This will allow the fat deposits to be suctioned away before the skin is then pulled backwards and up into its new position. The excess tissue is removed, and the incision is closed with sutures or staples prior to a dressing being applied to the area. Along with the soft padding dressing, it is common for the plastic surgeon to insert drains to control any excess bleeding, along with an intravenous drip to supply hydration.


We suggest that you remain semi-upright to help reduce swelling, which will be most prevalent in the first 48 hours following surgery. During this time, the swelling can be minimized with the application of cold packs and bandages. You can be discharged to continue recovery at home with bruising remaining apparent for a further 2 – 3 weeks. Lack of sensation and numbness may continue for several weeks following the surgery, as well as a medium level of discomfort and occasional minor bleeding. The stitching is removed from the area somewhere between day 5 – 10. Stooping and bending should be avoided along with smoking, alcohol, and aspirin, which can thin the blood and cause complications.


If you miss seeing the youthful face that reflects your energy and confidence, a facelift can help to make you look natural, but revitalized. Using different surgical methods and advanced techniques based on your needs and goals, a subtle facelift can help you look the way you feel. Contact Elite Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZ to learn more about facelift surgery and schedule your consultation.