Larger breasts are often considered to be an aesthetic ideal for many individuals, but the truth of the matter is that when breasts are overly large, they can cause a series of both cosmetic and physical frustrations. In addition to looking disproportionate, overly large breasts can sometimes cause back problems and other issues related to muscle strain. The breast reduction procedure can help with these issues, in addition to eliminating issues like the deep indentations that can form on your as a result of wearing a tight bra and decreasing some of the emotional stress that comes with unwanted attention from oversized breasts. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of freely choosing clothing that fits you more properly. If you’d like to learn more about how breast reduction can benefit you or are interested in exploring your options for breast reduction revision, reach out to us at one of our convenient locations today. We have offices in Phoenix and Chandler, and will be excited to help you set up your initial breast reduction consultation.

Do I Qualify for Breast Reduction?

At Elite Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Rozbeh and Radbeh Torabi will begin your journey with a private consultation for breast reduction surgery to review your medical history and see if you would benefit from this procedure. We will do our best to explain your options for breast reduction surgery, discuss the risks and benefits, and answer any questions you may have regarding this procedure.

Breast reduction is appropriate if you experience:

  • Disproportionately large breasts to the body
  • Painfully heavy breasts
  • Bra strap grooves in your shoulders
  • Limitations on activity
  • A slumped posture
  • The desire to reduce the size of your breasts
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The Surgical Procedure

Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia in an accredited surgical center or a local hospital. Dr. Torabi will make pre-operative marks on your breasts before the surgery to indicate the incision areas, which typically run around the areola and down to your breast crease. The incisions will vary depending on the shape and size of your breasts, how much tissue is going to be removed, and your personal aesthetic goals.

This procedure can take around two to three hours to complete, depending on the amount of breast tissue that is going to be removed. Following the procedure, your surgeon will apply a firm bandage that will help to decrease any swelling and provide a level of comfort during the recovery period.

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The Details of Your Surgery

You and your surgeon will thoroughly explore the details of your surgical plan in advance of your procedure so you can understand exactly what to expect on the day of your breast reduction.

  • Your plastic surgeon will leave the nipple attached but remove the excessive skin for moderately sized breasts. 
  • The nipple will be replaced in a higher position and sutured in place.
  • For excessive breasts, it may be necessary to remove the nipple and the areola complex because of the amount of skin and tissue that needs to be removed for the surgery to address the reduction of the breasts. 
  • Once the extra skin and tissue have been removed, your plastic surgeon will reposition the nipple and areola to look as natural and even as possible, then suture it together.


After your breast reduction surgery, you may feel immediately lighter due to the amount of tissue removed. A mild painkiller may be administered for the first few days following surgery to assist with any discomfort. After your surgery, you should wear a compression bra to support the healing process for the first couple of weeks. You will also be given post-operative care instructions, and you can pre-schedule your follow-up appointments to help you stay on track during your recovery process.

You will need to rest for at least seven to 10 days before returning to work and avoid any strenuous activities. Your sutures will be removed in 10 to 14 days or by the recommendation of your plastic surgeon. You can resume regular physical activities within six to eight weeks. After about two months have passed, your breasts will begin to feel natural and soft. It may take up to a year for nipple sensitivity to return to normal in some patients.

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Other Considerations

After your breast reduction or breast reduction revision is complete, you will be encouraged to remain upright, as this will help ease any discomfort and further decrease potential swelling. Most surgeries will require the placement of drains to remove any excess swelling and fluid that can accumulate in the area during the procedure.

We’ll provide you with a very clear set of aftercare instructions and will schedule follow-up appointments to ensure that you’re healing properly and comfortably. You’ll need to carefully dress and monitor the healing of your incisions for one to two weeks after the procedure. The incisions can sometimes take six to eight weeks to heal completely.

Scarring can be significant after a breast reduction treatment. In most cases, it will heal without concern, though some patients may be left with a permanent raised and lumpy area of scarring along the incision line. Wound healing may take longer with larger breasts, and dressings will be required in the area until the healing process is fully complete.

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Freedom From Pain

Are you ready to imagine living with lighter, more proportionate breasts; more comfort in the clothes of your choice; and lasting relief from the burden of extra weight on your neck, shoulders, and back? At Elite Plastic Surgery, our team is led by three board-certified surgical experts, each one offering a combination of extensive training and a keenly developed aesthetic sensibility. This means that you can look forward to naturalistic results created by a primer surgeon who has earned a reputation for results that frequently exceed our patients’ expectations.

If you’d like to learn more about what a breast reduction or a breast reduction revision can do for you, we invite you to schedule your initial consultation and begin your exciting cosmetic journey today. Contact Elite Plastic Surgery at our Chandler or Phoenix locations to schedule a consultation and learn more about breast reduction surgery.

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