What Causes Misaligned Eyelashes?

Misaligned eyelashes (a condition known as trichiasis) can occur when your eyelashes grow in an abnormal direction, often towards your eye. This can cause irritation, redness, and even corneal damage. Various factors can contribute to the development of misaligned eyelashes, including chronic eye infections, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, and eyelid injuries. In some cases, it's a congenital issue. The constant discomfort and potential for eye damage can make it important to seek effective treatment for misaligned eyelashes, and it’s crucial to understand the underlying causes of misaligned eyelashes when choosing the best approach to realignment. Our treatment will ensure that you’re able to enjoy not just cosmetic improvement but also enhanced eye health that lasts for as long as possible. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help with misaligned eyelashes, reach out to Elite Plastic Surgery in Phoenix or Chandler and set up your consultation with a helpful member of our team today.

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How Electrohyfrecation Can Help

Electrohyfrecation is a state-of-the-art technique that utilizes a precise electrical current to target and treat misaligned lashes. This method offers a dual benefit by removing the problematic lashes while also minimizing the chance of regrowth in the wrong direction. 

Electrohyfrecation is a highly controlled procedure, allowing for targeted treatment without damaging surrounding tissues. It’s ideal for those seeking a definitive solution to trichiasis and can help by effectively alleviating discomfort and protecting your eyes from potential damage, all while enhancing your eyelid's appearance.

The Day of Your Procedure

When you arrive at Elite Plastic Surgery for your electrohyfrecation procedure, you'll be greeted by our friendly staff and led into a comfortable, serene setting. Your eyelids will be cleaned, and a local anesthetic will be applied to ensure that you’re treated to a completely pain-free and comfortable experience. 

The procedure itself is quick and easy, usually taking no more than an hour to complete (though this will, of course, depend on the number of lashes being treated). During the procedure, your surgeon will use a fine, needle-like electrode to precisely target and treat each misaligned lash. Throughout the process, your comfort and safety are our utmost priorities. 

After the procedure, you’ll have a short observation period before being given aftercare instructions and sent home to begin your recovery. We’ll make sure that you’re provided with a detailed set of aftercare instructions, along with everything needed to manage any discomfort that may be present after the procedure has been completed.

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Your Recovery Period

Recovery from electro hyfrecation is typically straightforward and quick. You may experience some mild swelling and redness around the treated area, but these symptoms usually subside within a few days. We recommend avoiding eye makeup and refraining from rubbing your eyes for a short period to ensure optimal healing. Most patients can resume their normal activities within 24 hours. 

We’ll be sure to schedule a series of follow-up appointments so we can ensure that your healing is on track and provide you with an opportunity to address any questions or concerns. Our team is dedicated to supporting you throughout your recovery, ensuring a smooth and comfortable healing process. With electrohyfrecation, you can look forward to relief from irritation and a noticeable improvement in your eyelashes' alignment and appearance.

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Schedule Your Consultation Today

Are you ready to find freedom from the discomfort and irritation caused by misaligned eyelashes? Electrohyfrecation is just one of many procedures we offer, and we’ll be excited to help you explore the various methods by which we can help you make your cosmetic goals a reality. If you’re interested in learning more about what we can do for you at Elite Plastic Surgery, reach out to us at our Phoenix or Chandler locations and set up your initial consultation with a member of our team today.

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