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Whether your breasts are smaller than you like or you are unhappy with the shape and overall look of your bust, breast augmentation at Elite Plastic Surgery can create fuller, firmer, and shapelier breasts. Breast augmentation surgery is a personal decision that many women consider for multiple reasons. There are various options when it comes to the shape, size, type, and location of the implant, as well as incision placement. Arizona plastic surgeons, Dr. Rozbeh Torabi and Dr. Radbeh Torabi, want to help you make the right decision that will meet your personal and aesthetic goals.

Elite Plastic Surgery in Phoenix uses both saline and silicone breast implants, as well as fat transfers for an autologous approach. Following a thorough consultation, you will be given a customized treatment plan. This plan will be tailored based on many factors. It will determine the type of implant that will achieve your best results, and recommend the appropriate size, shape, texture, and brand of implant to use. Drs. Torabi always take into consideration how much native breast tissue exists, and an assessment will be made regarding breast base width, bone structure, skin tone, and a comparison of body shape to the breast size. Our goal is to produce the most natural-looking outcome for each patient. Every patient is different, so results may vary. During your consultation, we will also discuss the appropriate incision type and placement once the implant is chosen.



The most popular new technique in breast augmentation is the fat grafting procedure to enhance the size and shape of the breasts without implants. Your own fat is first removed from an area with excess fat tissue (abdomen, buttocks, or thighs) through liposuction by our plastic surgeon. It is then processed to separate out the regenerative cells and stem cells. Using the purified fat tissue, Drs. Torabi will perform several injections into the breasts. At Elite Plastic Surgery, we believe that the advantage of a breast fat transfer is that fat grafting provides natural, safe, and reliable results.


Adjustable breast implants are expandable, allowing the patient to add saline periodically should she choose to go bigger after the initial augmentation. Saline can be added to allow for more control over the final size. Mentor Spectrum® expandable/adjustable breast implant is filled only with saline. However, other implants, such as the Becker or the Spectra®, are double lumen implants, containing gel in the outer lumen and saline inside the inner lumen. Adjustable breast implants are slightly more expensive. However, this option is excellent for women with asymmetry of the breasts (two different sizes). Expandable breast implants were first introduced in 1984, but they are just now becoming popular, as you can adjust the volume of these implants over a 6-month time interval.


Women (ages 18 – 70) who are healthy, in good medical condition, and who do not smoke regularly can be considered for breast augmentation surgery at our Phoenix, AZ location. The majority of women who have this surgery do so because they are not satisfied with the current shape, contour, and/or size of their breasts or want a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss requirements for surgery and determine what is necessary and/or realistic for your preferred goals. Suitable candidates for augmentation are women who exhibit disproportional breast size for their body shape, uneven breasts or asymmetry, a loss of firmness or breast tissue due to genetics, childbirth, and/or weight loss, and those who simply want a larger breast size. It is important to note that women who have sagging or drooping breasts may not be good candidates for this surgery; a breast lift or breast lift with augmentation is often better in these situations. For patients who are going through or completed breast cancer treatment, Elite Plastic Surgery also offers breast reconstruction surgery to restore the body.


Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia and typically takes under 2 hours to complete. Your surgical plan will be discussed in full detail at the treatment planning appointments.


There are 2 types of incisions our plastic surgeons can perform for breast augmentation patients:

  • Within the breast crease  This incision has an advantage of being the most direct (and most common) approach, and it conceals the scar easily within the breast crease.
  • Around the nipple – Incisions around the nipple tend to heal well, but also have their drawbacks, such as nipple distortion, loss of nipple sensation, and the implant may not fit through the incision.


We are able to place the implants under the mammary glands (subglandular), or under the pectoral muscles (submuscular).

Subglandular Implants

A subglandular Implant is one of the popular techniques, where our plastic surgeon will place the implant behind the natural breast, but in front of the pectoral muscle. This will create more cleavage as a result with the benefit of minimal recovery time, and less discomfort. Even though the patient would not face disturbance of the musculature, it is still not the choice of most plastic surgeons. Despite the positives, most surgeons do not choose this method as there are more risks associated with future rippling and palpation of the implants. Additionally, mammograms are more difficult to perform afterward and the overall look may become rounded and unnatural. Women who have very little breast tissue before the surgery are not suitable for this type of implant placement.

Athletes and active women might prefer subglandular implants as it will not affect their muscles. However, the implants under the muscles might look unnatural when the muscles of the chest are flexed.

Submuscular Breast Implants

The submuscular breast implant technique is performed under the chest muscles and behind the breast. Two-thirds of the implant is covered by the muscle itself, and the remainder is covered by the connective tissue of the breast. As the chest muscle creates a natural pocket for an implant, many patients and plastic surgeons find that this placement will look more natural and more aesthetically pleasing to the entire physique. Additionally, it will not hinder mammogram testing in the future, impede checking the breast for abnormalities, and is not prone to capsular contracture. However, the recovery time may extend over a longer period of time and it will be more painful than subglandular placement.


After the implant procedure, our post-op nurses will carefully wrap you in a sterile surgical dressing and create compression with a medical sports bra. In the immediate days that follow surgery, you will experience swelling and soreness, but the aesthetic result will be seen immediately. Please take it easy for several days and after being released by your plastic surgeon, you can return to work within 3 – 5 days (with limited activity). We advise no exercise for approximately 4 – 6 weeks to allow the breasts appropriate healing time. It takes about 4 – 6 months for the breasts to “drop” into their final position and for all swelling and bruising to go away, as well as a return of full breast sensation.


Though an invasive surgery, you will be discharged within a few hours after the effects of anesthesia evaporate, and if there are no complications. There may be pain, discomfort, and swelling for a few days following the breast augmentation surgery. Medications are prescribed to manage pain.

You will start moderate walking on the following day, but do not participate in activity involving the upper arm or driving for 2 weeks. Stressful actions must be avoided for 6 weeks. It takes about a week to recover initially, and breast augmentation stitches are removed after 10 days. Swelling typically subsides in 8 weeks. The final recovery and healing process depend on the breast characteristics. Women with soft skin have complete recovery in 2 – 3 months. Those with tight skin and small breast size need 4 – 6 months, while women with very tight skin will require 9 –12 months.

What are the breast implant risks to look for post-operation?

  • Anesthesia allergy
  • Early implant failure
  • Fat grafting failure
  • Surgical complications, such as bleeding, clotting, fever, swelling, etc.
  • Excessive pain felt beyond pain medication
  • Scar tissue formation
  • Unsatisfactory outcome
  • Alteration in nipple sensation
  • Other Complications


Please consider the following post-operative cautions following breast augmentation:

  • Keep the breast area clean and dry
  • No bath until the third day
  • Rest for at least a week
  • Avoid a deep bath for a week
  • No forceful upper hand movement or fast walking for 2 weeks
  • No driving for 2 weeks
  • Don’t press or rub the breast area for 2 weeks
  • No intense or stressful activities for 6 weeks

Most patients return to a desk job after a week, though barred from strenuous activities for 6 weeks.


As one of the most common cosmetic surgeries offered today, many women put their trust in a plastic surgeon to help them achieve their aspired body. Elite Plastic Surgery wants to offer you the enhanced breasts of your dreams. Don’t waste anymore time being unhappy with the shape of your body and how you look in clothes. If you are interested in breast augmentation, feel free to visit our location or contact our patient concierge at Elite Plastic Surgery to schedule your initial consultation for Phoenix breast augmentation today!

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