What Is Eyelid Misplacement?

Eyelid misplacement describes a condition wherein the eyelid position is abnormal, such as eyelid retraction (where the eyelid is pulled too high) or ptosis (where the eyelid droops). This can affect one or both eyes, leading to discomfort, exposure-related symptoms, and aesthetic concerns. The causes of eyelid misplacement can range from genetic predispositions to consequences of thyroid eye disease, trauma, or previous surgeries…all of which are conditions that can not only impact vision and eye health by exposing the eye to irritants and drying out but can also affect facial symmetry and expression. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you address eyelid misplacement, our team is here to help. Reach out to Elite Plastic Surgery at our Phoenix or Chandler locations and set up your initial consultation with a helpful member of our team today.

How Eyelid Retraction Correction Can Help

Eyelid retraction correction aims to either lower the upper eyelid so that it sits in a more natural position or raise the lower eyelid, depending on the individual's needs. This procedure restores the eyelid's normal function and appearance, reducing symptoms like eye dryness, irritation, and the sensation of a “wide-eyed” look. 

At Elite Plastic Surgery, our surgeons use meticulous techniques to adjust the eyelid's position, ensuring that your results will be both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. The results of eyelid misplacement correction can significantly improve your overall sense of comfort and contribute to a more relaxed, natural facial expression.

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Understanding Eyelid Recession with Graft Placement

For more severe cases of eyelid misplacement, such as profound retraction or extensive scarring, eyelid recession with graft placement may be necessary. This involves creating a more profound adjustment to the eyelid position by introducing grafts—often harvested from the patient's own body, such as skin or mucous membrane tissues. 

These grafts provide additional support and length to your eyelids, allowing for a more substantial correction. At Elite Plastic Surgery, our approach to this procedure focuses on achieving a balance between functional improvement and natural-looking results so you can enjoy your ideal look alongside a pleasing sense of functional restoration.

The Day of Your Procedure

On the day of your procedure at Elite Plastic Surgery, you'll be welcomed into a supportive environment where your comfort is our priority. After a final consultation to go over the details of your personalized treatment plan, local anesthesia or sedation will be administered, ensuring a pain-free experience.

These procedures, while intricate, are always performed with precision and care, and our focus will always be on achieving the optimal outcome for your eyelid correction. After your procedure, you'll spend a brief period in our recovery area under close observation by our caring staff before being given detailed aftercare instructions and sent home to begin the healing process.

The Benefits of Eyelid Misplacement Treatment

Treating eyelid misplacement goes beyond cosmetic enhancement. At Elite Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to restoring your full sense of functionality and improving your total quality of life. Patients often report that eyelid misplacement surgery has brought them significant relief from chronic eye irritation and dryness, improved vision due to the correction of the eyelid position, and a boost in self-confidence from the rejuvenated appearance of their eyes. The precise corrections made during these procedures can dramatically enhance both the aesthetic harmony of the face and the health of the eyes.

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Your Recovery Period

Recovery after eyelid misplacement correction will vary depending on the extent of the procedure. Most patients experience minimal discomfort, which can be managed with prescribed or over-the-counter pain relievers. Swelling and bruising are common but will diminish within the first week or two.

We advise that you avoid strenuous activities and follow specific eye care instructions to ensure a smooth healing process. Follow-up visits at Elite Plastic Surgery will give us a chance to monitor your recovery and address any concerns, as our goal is to support you every step of the way.

If you’d like to learn more about how eyelid misplacement correction can benefit you or are interested in exploring the other procedures—both surgical and non-surgical—we offer at Elite Plastic Surgery, our team is standing by and ready to help. Reach out to our Phoenix or Chandler locations and set up your consultation to get started today.

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