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Breast augmentation is verifiably the most popular of the cosmetics procedures. Every year, hundreds of thousands of women receive this surgery in order to attain their desired cosmetic goals. Because each patient’s expectations and goals are different, it may happen that some women are dissatisfied with the results of their breast surgery.

The specialist team at Elite Plastic Surgery offers some of the best breast revision Phoenix, AZ has to offer to Arizona patients who wish to correct, remove or replace an existing implant. This may be done to address an implant that is not functioning properly, or that is no longer aesthetically desirable. Women who have had implants in place for decades may consider a revision surgery in order to replace their current implants.

Dr. Rozbeh Torabi and Dr. Radbeh Torabi at Elite Plastic Surgery, have at Elite Plastic Surgery have performed countless breast revisions in Phoenix to help address specific conditions. Our breast surgeons will only perform breast revision surgery to our patients in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Glendale, Chandler, Paradise Valley or surrounding AZ areas after giving an in-depth assessment so as to ensure the appropriate outcome is achieved.

Reasons for breast revision surgery

Our highly skilled team of breast surgeons at Elite Plastic Surgery perform revision treatment for women in varying circumstances. Each procedure is tailored to the cosmetic issues that the patient wishes to address, and aims to attain a satisfactory result. Many of our patients in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Chandler, and surrounding AZ areas elect to have a breast revision for various reasons.

  • Breast size – following a breast augmentation cosmetic surgery, some women realize that they did not attain the desired breast size. They feel that the post-surgery breasts are either too small or too large. Most of these patients will live with their implants for a while before deciding that they need a second surgery to address the dissatisfaction with size. To make sure that the revision goes well, our team will spend time to evaluate the patient and learn about the right size for them. The breast reduction surgeons at Elite Plastic Surgery work extra hard to ensure that each patient is 100% satisfied after the revision treatment.
  • Breast implant removal – most women choose to have breast implants for aesthetic purposes. However, after many years (decades), they may no longer need to have them and so will require them removed. In this case, our breast surgeon will remove the implants and reshape the breasts back to their normal size and position. The goal of the revision procedure is to get rid of the implants while also maintaining the natural-looking breast revision Scottsdale patients should expect.
  • Implant rupture – although there have been significant advances in the manufacture of strong, durable breast implants, cases of implant rupture are still evident. Saline-filled implants lead to a noticeable breast deflation when they rupture. When it comes to silicone implants, the gel will stay intact and the rupture tends to be less noticeable. Often, an MRI is required to detect the defect. Our Arizona breast surgeons will sometimes perform revision surgery to replace ruptured implants.
  • Double bubble – this refers to a situation where the implant has swayed out of place, causing a visible crease and double breast look. This may occur due to improperly placed implants, or the formation of large scar tissue around the implants. Revision surgery is the typical solution to address this condition.
  • Scarring – All implants develop scar tissue that form around breast implants after they have settled in the surgical pocket. Usually, this scar tissue will not cause any problems or harm for the patient. In some cases though, scar tissue may tighten around the implant and cause displacement. This leads to a hardened breast that is aesthetically unappealing, as well as discomfort. A capsulectomy – revision surgery in which scar tissue is removed – is required to address this concern.
  • Breast rippling – noticeable rippling may be seen underneath the breast, or on the side. This is typically common with patients who are thin and have low tissue volume. While not quite a complication, this unnatural wrinkling can trigger discomfort and cause an unsightly appearance. This kind of issue is common with saline-filled implants.

During/after Breast Revision Surgery in Phoenix

Breast revision treatment is carried out under general anesthesia. How long the surgery takes to complete will vary depending on the issue that the patient is looking to address. Since this is an outpatient procedure, patients are able to return home after the treatment. Although it may take up to a few months for the results of the revision to be fully noticeable, patients are usually able to resume their daily routines after a week.

Plan your Breast Revision

Following the revision surgery and a brief observation period, patients are sent home to start their recovery journey. How long it takes to fully recover will vary from one patient to the other, usually depending on how extensive the surgery was. Revision procedures that require grafting or complex reconstruction usually incur longer recovery durations that can stretch up to 8 weeks. Bruising and swelling is common right after the revision procedure, but this dissipates with time and patients are able to get an impression of their results. If you are near Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Chandler, Paradise Valley and surrounding AZ areas, our breast surgeons will take you through the treatment plan, and let you know what you need for a proper recovery.

The average recovery time is 1-4 weeks, and the surgery takes 1-6 hours to complete depending on how complicated it is. Patients will need to make a post-op follow up visit after 10-12 days.

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