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Silagen - 100% pure Silicone Gel


Silagen- Silicone Gel + SPF 30


Silagen Gel Product Instructions

1” Silicone Dots (6 per pack)

Used for scars from laparoscopic procedures, liposuction, ear lobe surgery, and other small surgical scars.

5” x 6” silicone sheets

Rectangular sheet can be used as is or cut to fit scar. Ideal for Mohs procedures, burns, skin graft harvest areas, and other wider or irregularly shaped scars.

10” x 24” Silicone Sheets

Extra large sheet for widespread scars such as  those from burns or road rash. Can also be cut up into smaller pieces for other sized scars as well.

Lollypop Silicone Shapes

Ideal for lollypop-shaped incisions from breast lift or breast reduction.

Areola Circle Silicone Sheets
1 pair (2 per box)

Round circles with opening for nipple are ideal for any breast surgery involving the areola including mastopexy, augmentation and gynecomastia.

Anchor Silicone Sheets
1 pair (2 per box)

Ideal for anchor shaped breast scars. vertical tab can be cut off for inframammary-only scars.

Silicone Umbilical Sphere
1.56” Sphere per box

Designed to both improve scars in and around the umbilicus, and also maintain shape and opening during the healing process. Comes with a square of adhesive tape to keep it in place.