Alma® vShape Ultra Radio Frequency Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite can be treated and reduced at Elite Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZ, with the Alma® vShape Ultra Focused RF technology. We can reduce your unwanted cellulite of the thighs, hips, butt, and stomach with radio frequency energy. Even though this technique is not painless, we will keep your comfort in mind. Many of our patients in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area, men and women, who have had cellulite reduction say that they feel a slight pressure or a mild sensation under their skin created by the radiofrequency energy to heat the cellulite combined with gentle vacuum pressure to increase the depth of the treatment. We offer this safe, noninvasive combination of heat and massage to break up and destroys fat cells that decrease the attractiveness and healthy look of the patient’s skin and body contours.


When undergoing your vShape Ultra cellulite reduction in AZ, our Aesthetic Technician will prepare you for the treatment in a private room. Using radio frequency energy and gentle vacuum massage, the technician will pass the machine over the area to induce apoptosis (fat death). All of the cells that are eliminated will be naturally passed through the body’s waste system. The session should last between 1 – 2 hours. There is no recovery period for cellulite reduction in our Arizona office, and you will be able to recover at home, and avoid strenuous activity for a couple weeks.


In recovery from our radiofrequency cellulite treatments, the initial 1 – 2 days after the cellulite is reduced, your skin may be bruised, swollen, and red. These side effects will not last. Once the swelling goes down, you should be able to see your preliminary results. These treatments for the cellulite will need to be maintained every 6 – 12 months for continued improvements, less dimpling, and enhanced elasticity of the skin.


Cellulite can be found on thin or overweight bodies of women or men. Even though it is unattractive, it is not considered a serious medical condition. These treatments can boost the self-esteem of the patient.


No matter your age, weight, or gender, you could be blessed with the unfortunate skin condition, cellulite. At Elite Plastic Surgery, our Aesthetic Team Members want to help you reduce the dimpled flesh you want to get rid of quickly. With maintained treatments of cellulite reduction at Elite Plastic Surgery, you can reduce the unwanted dimpling and visible cellulite under your skin. Call today to learn more about the Alma vShape Ultra technology for cellulite treatment in Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Paradise Valley and Phoenix AZ, and schedule your consultation.