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Renuva is an injectable fat substitute. It is a non-surgical, injectable treatment that restores volume and enhances skin tone in the face, hands, and body. This FDA-approved procedure uses the adipose matrix as a framework to support the gradual restoration of your fat cells. Renuva improves the appearance of volume loss, indented scars, and liposuction irregularities. It is also a great option for non-surgical buttock augmentation when mixed with other biostimulatory products like Sculptra and Radiesse.

Renuva employs sterilized allograft adipose (fat) injections from donor s as opposed to other autologous fat transfer methods. The goal is to repair and enhance volume, skin texture, tone, and appearance in the face, hands, and torso. Results are visible immediately, and there is minimal downtime is required.

How the Procedure Works

Before your procedure, we will schedule a consultation to create a treatment plan and discuss preparation and expectations. Our experienced practitioners will guide you through treatment on the day of your procedure.

Before & Preparation

■ We will schedule an in-depth consultation to discuss and create a treatment plan for you.
■ We will apply numbing cream to your desired treatment area on the day of the procedure to minimize discomfort.

During the Procedure

■ Once the treatment area is numb, our experienced practitioner will use a needle to inject fat tissue harvested from small amounts of sterilized allograft adipose tissue from donors.

🕒 After transplantation, Renuva will form an adipose matrix which serves as a framework to restore surrounding tissue and enhance skin volume, texture, tone, and appearance.
🕒 The entire procedure lasts an hour or less.
🕒 Results are immediately visible and will continue to improve within three months.

Aftercare & Recovery

■ Patients can return to their daily activities after treatment with Renuva.
■ Swelling and redness may occur after your procedure but gradually decreases within two weeks.
■ Avoid touching the treatment area within the first week following your procedure.

Treatment Areas

Although Renuva may be used safely and effectively on most body surfaces, popular treatment areas include:

■ Face
■ Hands
■ Body

Am I a Good Candidate for Renuva?

■ You are an excellent candidate for this procedure if you:

⦁ Desire to enhance your physical appearance
⦁ Have good physical and emotional health
⦁ Have realistic expectations for the results

■ Health Restrictions: Poor physical and emotional health


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