Noninvasive Contouring

Noninvasive Face & Body Contouring – Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ


When you are not certain of having a surgical procedure to shape your face or body, our plastic surgeons, Dr. Torabi, can consult with you about our noninvasive contouring options at Elite Plastic Surgery. Nonsurgical face and body contouring primarily focuses on fat removal, and these procedures are best for those without much sagging skin or greater skin elasticity. Body contouring also refers to cosmetic procedures intended to change the shape and appearance of the body. The process eliminates excess, unwanted fat, removes sagging, redundant skin, and ensures alteration to different body areas with the aim to reduce a significant amount of weight and create an improved aesthetic appearance. In short, body contouring is the method to create a better figure or facial profile by bringing cosmetic changes and improving appearance of the face, neck, torso, chest, abdomen, thighs and arms without surgery. Individual results may vary, so call us to learn more and schedule a consultation at our Phoenix, AZ office.


Nonsurgical face and body contouring primarily focuses on fat removal and skin rejuvenation, such as:
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Laser and radiofrequency skin tightening with the Alma® XL Pro
  • Ultrasonic treatment to aid in fat dissolution and body rejuvenation


If you are healthy and continue to have stubborn fat in hips, abdomen, legs, love handles, arms and back, face and neck, noninvasive face and body contouring could be the right solution for you. Certain conditions, such as fluctuating weight, pregnancy, breast feeding, cryoglobulinemia (a protein-clumping blood disorder), and paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria (Donath-Landsteiner syndrome) are excluded from the list of suitability. Noninvasive body and face contouring is suggested when you have:
  • Too much stubborn fat deposits on the face or body
  • Sagging, redundant skin in multiple areas
  • Lost a significant amount of weight
  • Needed improvements in your physical shape
  • Been affected by obesity


Our noninvasive procedures are performed in our office with laser and radiofrequency technologies that will require multiple sessions and treatment appointments before you will see the full benefit of the technology. We will do our best to make your appointment as quick, and painless as possible.


Before your consultation for noninvasive face and body contouring with our plastic surgeons, it is a good idea to be at a stabilized weight (with no weight fluctuations) for at least 3 months alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle. This is not a requirement but to ensure the success of the treatment. It is equally important to make sure you have no nutritional deficiencies from your weight loss period. Make a priority list of body areas to be contoured and focus on them first.


Call our office in Phoenix, AZ for a consultation with our plastic surgeons, Dr. Torabi, to see if you are an ideal candidate for noninvasive face and body contouring. We will sit down with you, and discuss all your options and our realm of nonsurgical treatments.