In the moment, it may seem like a really great idea to get a tattoo. When “buyer’s remorse” sinks in later in life, the tattoo you excitedly sat for in the tattoo artist’s chair may not represent the person who you are today. Millions of Americans have tattoos, and they continue to grow in popularity. However, if you are searching for an experienced plastic surgeon to remove your tattoos of the past, you found the right practice. Using Alma Harmony XL PRO advanced laser technology with the High Powered Q-Switched 1064/532nm module, our plastic surgeons at Elite Plastic Surgery, Dr. Torabi can use light energy to absorb ink fragments, that will naturally fade the color of the tattoo over time. Laser tattoo removal is safe and quick, and in most cases, doesn’t leave a scar, but individual results may vary. We would like to meet you and examine your body art to see if laser tattoo removal will help restore your skin.


Once you are cleared for the laser tattoo removal process, we will begin your treatment sessions. An Aesthetic Technician will clean the area of your skin where the tattoo is located. The Alma laser will then pass over the surface of the tattoo with an emitting laser or pulsed light. Depending on the size and color of your body art, you may have a very short treatment time, or an extended length of time to cover the area. If you are unable to tolerate the pain of the laser on your skin (it will sting), we can offer you a topical anesthetic cream to limit the pain. Once the laser treatment is over, an ointment is applied to the skin with a bandage to keep it protected. This process may need to be repeated multiple times to be effective, and our plastic surgeon can discuss that with you at the consultation.


When multiple treatments are required (2 – 15), you will not have them all at once. We will need to schedule them 4 – 7 weeks apart. The visibility of the tattoo will decrease with each laser treatment session. Many patients experience some swelling, redness, and sensitivity to the area treated. It may also feel like you have a sunburn, with the skin crusting on the surface. The area will also itch as it heals. Be very careful not to damage the area with scratching or rubbing.


If laser treatments are not effective in removing your tattoo, our plastic surgeon can make suggestions that may make a bigger impact. From the most invasive (surgical excision) to the least invasive (chemical peels, dermabrasion), we will provide a treatment plan that will limit scarring, and have the best results.


Think of laser tattoo removal as a second chance. At our plastic surgery office, we have an experienced, compassionate staff, can help you reveal your skin without the body art. Call today and schedule a consultation. We would be happy to help.