When you need a deep exfoliation, but your skin doesn’t like the harsh acids in chemical peels or dermabrasion, we recommend a dermaplaning treatment for your facial skin. Dr. Torabi believe that dermaplaning is a wonderful alternative for men and women who want to remove layers of dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin without chemicals. Using a shaving tool, dermaplaning is a safe and effective rejuvenation treatment that we provide at Elite Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZ.

Patients, who want radiant-looking skin with dermaplaning should have clear skin (no fever blisters or cold sores), not prone to skin rashes, and should not have had a chemical peel on their face recently. We also suggest that patients with dark skin should not have dermaplaning treatments only because it may lighten or discolor their skin. The treatment will help moderate wrinkles and acne scars, and even the texture and tone of the skin.


The good news about this noninvasive treatment is that it is pain free! There is no numbing of the skin involved. Our Aesthetic Technician will clean your face, then gently “shave” the outer layer of your entire facial skin to remove fine facial hair, dead skin cells, and other debris on the skin. Dermaplaning takes about 30 minutes of your day. We recommend having the treatment once a month for radiant skin.


Your skin will look smoother and feel like silk with all of the fine hair and debris removed from your face. Not to mention, your skin will look healthier and more youthful as your skin tone will look more even. Once you have had the treatment, there is no downtime. You can go about your day as planned, and with no interruption to your lifestyle.


Please call our office in Phoenix, AZ for an appointment for dermaplaning. We would love to show you how it works, and what it can do for your skin, especially if you want to avoid using chemicals on your sensitive skin. To learn more, contact Elite Plastic Surgery today.