Hand Fracture Repair

Hand Fracture Repair – Hand Microsurgery – Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ


At Elite Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZ, our plastic and reconstructive hand surgeons, Dr. Torabi, understand the complexity of the biomechanics of the wrists, hands, and fingers. Our goal at Elite is to help you restore not only the functionality of your hands, but the natural appearance without noticeable scarring from your surgery. We want you to leave a private consultation assured and confident that you selected one of the best hand surgeons to perform your procedure. Dr. Torabi are highly trained in microsurgery to heal traumatic injuries, birth defects, and nerve damage in the wrists, hands, and fingers for their patient. Because results may vary, during a completely private consultation at our office we will assess the hand situation and provide you with guidance on how to proceed in repairing your hands. Call and learn more today.


  • Trigger finger
  • Carpal tunnel (release)
  • Dupuytren’s contractures
  • Nerve injury or damages
  • Gunyon’s canal (release)
  • Ganglion cyst


There are many ways our talented surgeons can approach your customized hand surgery, and here are the two most common types of surgeries:
  • Congenital: Disfigurement of a birth defect of the hand may be treated with z-plasty, or a bone or skin grafting to normalize the appearance.
  • Reconstructive: These techniques can repair damaged tendons, tissues, and nerves that are inflamed and painful with microsurgery. Special equipment is used alongside a magnifier to enable the hand surgeon to perform the operation.
Regardless of the technique used, the primary focus remains on restoring the patient’s normal hand function and improving its natural look.


During your consultation, our plastic and reconstructive hand surgeons will explain in full detail how your procedure will take place, the risks and benefits, and the aftercare instructions you will need to be fully informed before your surgery takes place. Our hand and/or finger surgeries take place in an accredited, outpatient surgery center. The type of surgery you have to repair the complexity of your case, along with the number of hours needed to complete your surgery will reflect which type of anesthetic your plastic surgeon will require. You will be closely monitored during and following the surgery in the recovery room with our post-operation nursing staff.


We do accept referrals from other surgeons or primary care physicians. We will perform our own physical examination during a private consultation at our office. Each finger and hand surgery is unique, and we will tailor your treatment plan to your needs. You can expect to have an appointment for your surgery as well as follow-up appointments so that we can monitor your surgical incisions, your pain management, and to answer your questions about healing and aftercare. Physical therapy may also be suggested for certain cases for optimal recovery and hand functionality.


Dr. Torabi are an exceptional choice to consider when making your selection for a hand surgeon in Phoenix, AZ at Elite Plastic Surgery. Not only will they focus on the functionality of your hand, they will approach your surgery with the expertise of a plastic surgeon, caring for your skin and appearance of the incision points needed to complete your surgery. We encourage you to schedule a consultation at our office to learn more about hand surgery at Elite.