Composite Stacked Flap

Composite Stacked Flap – Combined Autologous Tissue Breast Reconstruction – Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ


At Elite Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZ, we’re the only practice in the state of Arizona that offers breast reconstruction patients the option to have a composite stack flap if one flap of autologous tissue is not adequate in reconstructing a single breast. Dr. Torabi our plastic and reconstructive surgeons, may suggest taking tissue from other donor sites on the body.

Composite reconstruction can include any combination of DIEP (abdomen), PAP (inner thigh) or LTP (upper outer thigh and hips) flap surgeries to achieve superior results using natural tissue. In order to reconstruct both breasts, composite tissue is taken from aforementioned areas, and called “4 flap reconstruction.” Combining tissue from the abdomen, inner or outer thigh allows Dr. Torabi to perform a tummy tuck and thigh lift simultaneously to sculpt the tissue into breasts. If you would like to learn more about these procedures, and if you are a candidate for this type of reconstruction, please call today and schedule a consultation.


This type of muscle-sparing reconstruction will allow for the patient to have their own tissue within their breast even though there is not enough tissue at an individual donor site to make a complete breast.


Of course when you have multiple surgeries, you will also have several incision points on your body. The downside to this surgery is that you have a higher risk of infection, more surgery scarring, and a longer recovery time.


During a composite stacked flap breast reconstruction, the patient will be under anesthesia for the entire procedure, which may last 5 – 8 hours. Fat and tissue will be taken from multiple donor sites (abdomen, inner thigh, outer thigh, hips or buttocks) to accomplish this type of reconstruction, and will mean that there will be several areas with incision scarring. The surgeon will conceal each incision point as inconspicuously as possible, which may result in the shape or contour of the body part to look leaner, trimmer like the patient has had a tummy tuck or thigh lift. There can be multiple combinations the reconstructive surgeon can use with the end result being that that there is enough tissue for a successful breast recreation. The tissue will be layered on the breast mound, and blood vessels will be reconnected.


While you are in recovery at the hospital or surgical center where you had your composite stacked flap surgery, our post-op nurses will take great care to monitor your vital signs, tend to your multiple incision sites, and observe your progress. It is very important for your surgical team to carefully watch the blood flow with the breast that was reconstructed so that the flap will not fail. You can expect an in-patient stay after having these surgeries.


After your brief in-patient stay, you should be back at home and recovering comfortably within a few days. We will ask that you come in for a follow-up appointment in 1 week. We want you to call our office as soon as possible if you experience severe pain, infection, fever, excessive bleeding, or have an adverse reaction to a medication.

Your estimated recovery time will be 4 – 6 weeks. Please keep in mind that the more complex your surgery was for the reconstruction, it could make the recovery period longer.


At Elite Plastic Surgery, our plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Torabi will provide you a private consultation, and help you decide the best course of action for your breast reconstruction. They will do their best to make sure you understand all of your options after having a mastectomy. Please call our friendly front office staff today to make your first appointment.