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Peptide + wellness – Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ


Peptide therapy has many benefits Whether you are looking for age management, pain management, weight management, general wellness and to manage symptoms of chronic illness. Peptide therapy can help correct hormone imbalances; increase energy and mental focus; enhance sex drive; improve bone density, skin elasticity, muscle tone and stamina; improve sleep: lower body fat and cholesterol levels; decrease wrinkles; and decrease joint and muscle pain. Peptides occur naturally in the body and are present in every living cell. All peptides will have some effect on the cells of the body. Different types of peptides influence different types of cells. In recent years improvements have been made in the creation of these peptides to increase their half-life, increase bioavailability, increase potency and efficacy. This has created molecules which we can use with the maximum benefits with the least amount of drawbacks.

Various Peptides can be used to:

In our office the care you will get is a personalized consultation to create the Elite Lifestyle that you want to live and love. We want you to love yourself and your body. Our patients should have the best outcomes and we hope to do this preoperatively by optimizing our patients with weight loss and nutrition and peptides as needed and postoperatively to create the best atmosphere for healing with decreased scarring and improved outcomes.


I have always struggled with weight which is a reason I got into this part of Elite Lifestyles. I have done every diet from Atkins, Paleo, Keto, vegetarian, Vegan, time restricted, Hcg, and the list goes on. I have been an athlete all my life and have really abused my body over the years. No matter what I would do I was not able to lose any weight. I took many weight loss pills from over the counter to prescription but my health continued to go in the wrong direction. I had always been researching about longevity and weight loss and so I started my research into peptides.

After my son was born when I was 41 I continued to gain weight until I was at 245 lbs and 5’11” with 24% body fat, 168 lbs of muscle mass and I felt tired all the time and thought I could not be there and play with my son. I needed a change. I started back on hormone therapy with testosterone but this had never helped me lose weight but it did give me more mental clarity and energy. Then I started on semaglutide and started to lose weight. Once I had done this I continued to learn more about peptides and began to do my certification into peptide therapy. I started with CJC 1295/Ipamorelin which I immediately felt like my sleep improved dramatically. I woke up without hitting the snooze button. All the aches and pains from years of abusing my body were gone. My hands and fingers felt better, my neck felt better, I had more energy. I also noticed further weight loss without losing muscle mass. My mental clarity and focus was much better. I’m also using many other peptides and results were above and beyond what I expected.

I am now down to 190 Lbs, 12% bodyfat, 158 Lbs of muscle mass. My lab values have all improved with my Biological age score going from 41 down to 23.

I feel great, my skin and hair look better and I constantly get asked by people around me what I am doing and they also have become my patients. It’s a great feeling when I am able to help patients out in many different ways. I have had patients come off their hypertensive and cholesterol meds and are no longer diabetic or prediabetic. I am not here to just help you live a long life but a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.