Get Your Summer Body with VASER® Lipo and Renuvion®

It’s summer, and you know what that means . . . it’s time to head to the beach. . You’ve been working hard to get that perfect summer body, from a strict diet to regular exercise. But your body isn’t quite there yet. Maybe you noticed that your belly still has stubborn fat which is hard to get rid of no matter how much you try. Maybe you have some flabby skin from weight loss or pregnancy. 

Don’t be discouraged. With VASER Lipo and Renuvion at Elite Plastic Surgery, you can still welcome the summer with a bikini-worthy body in no time. Both VASER and Renuvion can be done as a stand-alone procedure, but they are better together. Here’s how they work. 

VASER Liposuction

VASER Lipo is a revolutionary procedure for fat reduction and body contouring. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. This contouring technique does not only remove fat, it also firms, sculpts, and tightens, creating a more athletic profile. 

It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses ultrasonic technology to break up and remove undesirable fat tissue. VASER® Lipo takes traditional liposuction to the next level: liposculpture. Not only does it remove fat, it also reveals muscle definition giving you smoother and tighter skin. 

VASER® Liposculpture is the future of body contouring. With VASER®, surgeons can achieve better results. Here are some benefits to expect with VASER® Liposuction. 

It’s no wonder VASER® is now making waves in the cosmetic industry. It is perfect for patients looking to sculpt their bodies without going through painful surgery. It can be done from virtually any area of the body including the arms, stomach, love handles, saddlebags, and thighs. With VASER®, the perfect summer body is within reach. 


Renuvion® or J-plasma is a skin tightening treatment that uses RF technology. It is the most advanced technology in liposuction that both resurface the outer layer of the skin and encourage skin regeneration at the deeper layers. 

The Renuvion® technology combines Cold Helium Plasma with the efficiency of RF energy. This allows surgeons to work on your skin at much lower temperatures compared to other forms of skin tightening procedures. 

During a Renuvion® procedure, Drs. Torabi will insert the Renuvion device or probe under the skin through small incisions. The device emits helium gas and radiofrequency energy. The RF energy converts the helium gas into plasma so this technology provides tissue heating and cooling almost at the same time. 

What makes Renuvion® so efficient is its ability to resurface the skin and stimulate new collagen and elastin fibers. This procedure tones and tightens the skin in real-time. Renuvion® can be a great treatment for healthy men and women who have loose skin. 

Renuvion® can deliver extraordinary skin-tightening results with insignificant scarring and little downtime. It can be done on different areas of the body including the neck, abdomen, arms, inner and outer thighs, and buttocks. 

VASER®  Liposuction and Renuvion® Combined

Both VASER® and Renuvion® are minimally invasive procedures and they can be performed together in one combination procedure. Combining VASER® and Renuvion® will give you the summer body you want with minimal scarring and little downtime. From body contouring to skin tightening, that’s what VASER® and Renuvion® can do for you. 

If you’re looking to feel poolside-ready this summer, consult with our body sculpting expert at Elite Plastic Surgery. We are located in Phoenix, Arizona and we serve patients around the area, including Scottsdale, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Chandler, Paradise Valley, and more.

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