Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery (Fat Grafting, Butt Enhancement)

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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery (Fat Grafting, Butt Enhancement)

If you have a “flat-as-a-pancake,” unshapely bottom that needs volume while other areas of your body could use less volume, the Brazilian butt lift surgery, also known as a BBL, by our plastic and reconstructive surgeons, Dr. Rozbeh Torabi and Dr. Radbeh Torabi, may be just the right procedure for you.

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Prior to the procedure, you will have the opportunity to discuss your cosmetic goals for the Brazilian butt lift. The surgeon will assess your body to determine if you have enough excess fat to meet your goals and the best areas to perform liposuction. Patients who do not have enough excess body fat, may be better candidates for butt augmentation with implants. The plastic surgeon will help you decide the best procedure for your needs and goals during your initial consultation.
  • Flat and sagging buttocks
  • Lack an appealing lower body profile
  • Gluteal asymmetry, and/or buttock defects
  • For women, the desire to have better feminine and shapely buttocks and curves
  • Traumatic buttock injuries or buttock contour deformities
  • Willingness to undergo buttock reconstruction following bariatric surgery
  • A buttock shape and size not in conformity with their personality
    A Brazilian butt lift is usually performed as an outpatient surgery in about 2 hours under general anesthesia. The procedure may take more or less time based on the amount of donor sites that are used, as well as how many injections are needed to achieve the desired look. After the procedure, you should expect swelling and bruising of the rear end and the liposuction area(s). You may have difficulty sitting and may not be able to comfortably do so until the swelling has subsided. Afterwards, your buttocks should look and feel natural. Extra fat from liposuction may be saved and used at the first follow up appointment to help fill in any unevenness and add smoothness. It will take approximately 3 months to see final results.

    Liposuction is a safe procedure, and most Brazilian butt lift patients do not experience any noteworthy complications. However, the fat grafting may cause possible swelling, bruising, tissue scarring, nerve compression, or infection, unless adequate care is taken during the procedure. An embolism can occur when fat is loosened and enters the blood vessels with signs of pulmonary embolisms, including shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.


    There will be soreness, swelling and pain soon after the surgery. You may have to stay in the hospital for a day. Here are a few post-operative precautions you may need after Brazilian butt lift:
      • Rest from job for at least a week
      • Keep incisions clean and dry
      • Avoid sitting for a week and do minimum sitting for the next 6 weeks
      • Keep walking, running, and intense activities involving buttocks to the minimum for 6 weeks
      • Don’t sleep on supine position for 6 weeks
      • Don’t allow pressure or tension on buttocks for 6 weeks
      • Use compression garment up to 6 weeks
    Swelling and bruising subsides considerably in a week allowing most patients to resume their work. However, faster recovery is subject to rest, healing, and precautions. Our plastic surgeon will remove drainage pipes attached after 5 days. Compression garments must be worn for the first few weeks with your recovery time taking from 1 – 3 weeks depending on the extent of the treatment and the areas treated. The pressure garments will ensure that the skin is held firmly against the body during the healing process thus encouraging healing without sagging. No pressure is to be put on the buttock region for 6 weeks. This means no sitting directly on the buttock. Patients may sit with pillow under thighs. It takes at least 6 months to experience the full benefits of Brazilian butt lift. Once the healing is complete, the area becomes firmer, making fuller contours very apparent.


    After using liposuction to extract the needed fat, the fat is filtered and purified. The usable fat is then injected into designated areas of the buttocks through a syringe. Multiple injections may be used to achieve the desired look. The surgeon will usually add slightly more fat than the patient wants, to account for the fat that will be re-absorbed by the body. It is important that you follow a healthy diet and exercise routine after the surgery to maintain your results. Any significant weight gain after the surgery can negatively affect the results of the Brazilian butt lift procedure.


    You can now get that fuller, rounder butt that you have been exercising toward with a Brazilian butt lift. This popular surgery may be exactly what you need to boost your confidence and rear! Contact Elite Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation and find out if this procedure is right for you.
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