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Migraine Surgery

Migraine Surgery – Migraine Relief Surgery – Phoenix and Central AZ

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Migraine pain, which can last from hours to days, affects many men and women around the country. This pulsating pain can happen at any time with attacks that cause nausea, sensitivity to light (photophobia), and even sensitivity to sound (phonophobia). At Elite Plastic Surgery, our plastic surgeons, Drs. Torabi and Matatov, can surgically deactivate the trigger sites to curtail migraine pain as a treatment. Many patients seek migraine surgery treatment when medication or other nonsurgical treatments just won't work against their debilitating migraines. We want to help be the solution to improve your quality of life, provide long-term relief, and most of all stop the pain.

When you can identify your migraine triggers (from genetic disposition or the result of bodily changes) and the points of pain where the nerves in your face and head are compressed or irritated, Drs. Matatov or Dr. Torabi can reduce the pain by surgically correcting the tissue surrounding the nerves or by blocking the pain signals. Because every patient is different, results and surgical techniques may vary from patient to patient. If you would like to learn more about how you can qualify for migraine surgery, please schedule a consultation at our Phoenix, AZ office.

Points of Migraine Pain

Compressed nerves next to tissues or muscles can cause migraine pain. Our experienced plastic surgeons, Drs. Torabi or Matatov at Elite Plastic Surgery in Phoenix AZ, can provide you with a minimally-invasive corrective surgery depending on the location of your personal migraine triggers.


Minimally invasive supra-orbital nerve (MISON): As a network of tiny nerve endings in the forehead, this a common dwelling of nerve compression leading to migraines.


Minimally invasive greater occipital nerve entrapment (MIGONE): The greater occipital nerve (a spinal nerve) provides sensation for the back and top of the head, and is a common site for migraine triggers.


Septoplasty or surgical correction of a deviated septum: When the nasal septum is deviated or bent, it may cause severe pressure on the nerves. Our plastic surgeons may suggest septoplasty (an invasive deviated septum surgery) to help straightens the cartilage and relieve the pressure.

Do I Qualify?

We see patients with or without a referral from your primary care physician or neurologist. Ideal candidates for the treatment of migraines are:

  • Patients, who have been diagnosed with migraines by a neurologist
  • Patients with sites of nerve compression in their head
  • Patients who have experienced failed, substandard medical treatments for the pain
  • Patients who have had side effects from migraine medications that are unfavorable or the medication is unsustainable long-term

Also, patients with a favorable response to BOTOX®, or local anesthetic injections are generally good candidates for migraine surgery.

What To Expect

After the predominant migraine trigger sites are identified, your plastic surgeon can discuss treatment options, which may be blocking pain receptors or removing the affected nerve sections causing the problem. The surgery usually takes about an hour, and is performed under general anesthesia in an ambulatory care setting. Incisions are well hidden within in the scalp or in the upper eyelid. Many of our patients report slight bruising and swelling that resolves within 2 weeks, and are able to return to their usual activities in the same time period.

Other Considerations

As with any surgery, migraine surgery can have some complications, such as delayed wound healing, nerve injuries, excessive bleeding, and the chance the surgery will not help alleviate the pain. Most complications are rare, and will vary according to the type of surgery performed.

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Stop living with the unnecessary pain of migraines. We can help with severe migraine pain with a surgical intervention by our plastic surgeons, Drs. Torabi and Matatov at Elite Plastic Surgery. Contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a migraine surgery consultation.

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